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We all remember our diving instructors. All of them. They are not just teachers, they are mentors, advisors, role models, that is why getting trained by the right one is so important. And sometimes the task of deciding how to choose your diving instructors is not an easy one.

The large number of dive shops and independent diving instructors is growing every day. Also new airlines are making it more accessible for everybody to travel all around the world. Taking these two things in consideration, choosing the right diving instructor looks like a difficult task.

From entry levels such as Open Water Diver to the most advanced technical course as Full Cave Diver there are some aspects you might want to consider before choosing your instructor.


There are many reasons to choose one or another instructor but for us, in CenoteTours, these are some of the most important ones.


Practice makes the master. Not only as a diver, but also as an instructor, the more hours you spend in the water training or just diving, the more you will learn. We all are constantly learning. Run away from the instructor who thinks that knows it all.


Your instructor should be actively diving at the same level that is teaching and must be comfortable diving in higher ones.


The knowledge, the skill level, the integrity, the continuous education, the behavior with you and others, the manners, the status of her/his dive gear, even the aspect, everythings is an indicator of the professional level of your instructor.


Some people need more time than others to process and assimilate information or to master skills and techniques. Being patient is one of the most important characteristics of any instructor from any discipline.


We all have started where you are now and so did your instructor.  This gives him or her the chance to understand the feelings, hopes and frustrations of the student. Being able to get to the same level as the student is key for a quality instruction.


We are humans and we make mistakes. Whoever doesn´t agree with this is being dishonest to you and him/herself. Don’t allow your instructor´s ego to get in the way of your training.


Friendly, military, distended, verbal, visual, one-on-one… There are many teaching styles and one is not better than another. Everybody is different and learns in a different way. The best one is the one that works for you.


There are people that learn faster when they are surrounded by peers while others perform better in private environments. Same as some dive shops or independent instructors manage large groups of students and others are specialized in a more personalized attention. This is, for sure, a valuable information to have before booking your course. 

There you have some, but not all the reasons to choose your instructor. Remember that we are different and what worked for your friend might not work for you. So, take your time, do your research and don´t hesitate to ask the dive shop or instructor what you want to know about the program you are about to start.

Hope we helped you answering this tricky question: how to choose my diving instructor?

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