Isabel Domínguez

Technical Cave Instructor & Tek OW Sidemount Instructor

Like almost all the divers, I have a former life, a former profession. But one day I really discover a new love, a new passion… Diving, that made me re-think my way of living.

So I started living my dream, working on my passion.

After several years dedicating myself to the diving industry, I decided to move to Mexico, and that’s when my passion was reinforced. When exactly? The moment I put my head under the water in a Cenote. Then I knew it, this is where I belong, the caves, the underground rivers.

And this is what I try to transmit, as much as I can, in my work and in my teaching, this love and this spirit.

Also it is an unlimited world. You always have something new to learn, a new discovery to make, a new hole in the ground to explore. That keeps you mentally active always trying to get the best from yourself.

Full Cave Instructor

Intro to Cave Instructor

Cavern Instructor

TDI Sidemount Instructor

Nitrox Instructor

Advanced Nitrox Instructor

TDI Underwater Cave Surveying


Technical Diver

Adv. Cave – Stage/Multi-Stage Diver

Adv. Cave – DPV Diver

Adv. Cave – Sidemount Diver

Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor
SDI Sidemount Instructor
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor
Solo Diving Instructor

Specialty Instructor:  Wreck, Snorkeling, Computer Diver, Deep Diving, Equipment Specialist, Marine EcoSystems Awareness, Underwater Navigation Diving, Night-Limited Visibility Diving, Computer Nitrox, Advanced Buoyancy, Boat Diving, Drift Diving, Dry Suit Diving, Shore and Beach Diving.


Valentina Cucchiara

Professional Photographer

Professional underwater camera‐woman and photographer, full cave diver, biologist, conservationist, ecologist and passionate to the bone for traveling and creative arts.

At an early age, Valentina discovered in filming and photographing the underwater a continuous source of inspiration, love and a never‐ending learning environment.

She thrives on the challenges brought by the different working environments, and she brings boundless energy, enthusiasm and great skill to her camera work. She loves working in a team, and is supportive and creative beyond expectations.

Although her main passion remains the water, Valentina is also a topside photographer/camerawoman and drone operator.

Check her work on Instagram:


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